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Aurora Dance Creative Atelier is not just an atelier! We are a team with high professionalism and creativity, creative ideas and bold creative solutions. Our atelier uses professional equipment and high-quality materials.

We try to create only the highest quality and beautiful products, in which you want to win! The most important thing for us is your positive emotions and comfort!

Our atelier has been developing since 2008

За это время нами было создано большое количество эксклюзивных костюмов для  художественной гимнастики, бально – спортивного танца, разнообразных шоу, артистов цирка, балета и других направлений танцевального искусства, таких как: классический, народный, современный, хип-хоп и т.д.
Кроме этого, нами изготавливаются костюмы для фигурного катания, спортивной гимнастики, спортивной акробатики, акробатического Rock-n-Roll’a и других зрелищных видов спорта. 
Наши клиенты это юные дарования, профессиональные танцоры, спортсмены и другие артисты. Каждый из них для нас дорог и уважаем. Каждому из них мы уделяем полное внимание.
Существует множество требований, которые необходимо соблюдать при изготовлении вышеперечисленных костюмов. А еще костюм должен помочь максимально раскрыть создаваемый образ. Мы знаем как этого достичь.

Нам важно понимать Вас.

During this time, we have created a large number of exclusive costumes for rhythmic gymnastics, ballroom dance, various shows, circus artists, ballet and other areas of dance art, such as: classical, folk, contemporary, hip-hop, etc.

In addition, we make costumes for figure skating, gymnastics, acrobatics, acrobatic Rock-n-Roll and other spectacular sports.

Our clients are young talent, professional dancers, athletes and other artists. Each of them is dear to us and respected. We pay full attention to each of them.


There are many requirements that must be met when making the above costumes. And the costumes should help to represent the image created as much as possible. We know how to achieve this.

It is important for us to understand you.

It is important to us that you are happy to wear our goods, so we create every order with love for our work, which provides a high result. We sew each product like for ourselves, putting the care of you in each stitch, since we do care how you look.

Do you want to get a unique performance costume made taking into consideration your figure, fabric and sport, tailored to your taste? We will help with this! Being professionally engaged in tailoring dance and gymnastics clothes, we are ready to embody any creative idea or come up with it with you.

In our work, we use a huge assortment of fabrics, decorative materials, sequins and appliqués.

Painting fabrics with acrylic paints (they are not harmful to the skin, resistant to moisture, wash well), our artists create unique products.

In the gallery on the website, you can see examples of our work.

The cost of the costume depends on the complexity of the work, supplies, the number of sequins and is discussed individually! We always consider the capacities of our clients and therefore offer several price options.

To order a costume at our atelier, you need to contact our fashion designers by phone and arrange a meeting at the time convenient for you. If you are located in another city or country, contact us via Viber, Messenger, WhatsApp, email and other types of communication.

You can make all the necessary measurements yourself using our recommendations.

Costume manufacturing time varies depending on the load of the atelier. On average, this is a calendar month.

How to Take Measurements

It is very important to be accurate and careful when taking measurements. If sewing with fittings is provided for, the measurement inaccuracies will be corrected during fitting. With remote tailoring, we can be guided only by the measures taken by the customer, it is better to make a photo of the process of taking measurements - this will allow us to adjust the values ​​of the measurements taken inaccurately.

Measurements are taken close to the body, not pulling in tight, but also without additional freedom of clinging, see more details here.

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